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Political Contributions

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View our political action committee contributions, corporate contributions to state officials and a list of associations to which we belong that engage in public policy advocacy.

Our Political Involvement

Boston Scientific participates in the political process at the state, federal and international levels to help shape public policy, legislation and regulation with a direct impact on our business and the patients we serve. Boston Scientific's political involvement is an important strategy to ensure patient access to medical technology, promote innovation and build our business. The Governance Committee of our Board of Directors annually reviews political contributions made by our company and the Boston Scientific Political Action Committee. We are committed to the transparency of our political involvement.

Below are links to our political action committee contributions, corporate contributions to state officials, and a list of associations that engage in public policy advocacy to which we belong.

Political Contributions

To promote the advancement of sound public policy, the Boston Scientific Corporation Political Action Committee (BSC PAC) facilitates voluntary political contributions by eligible employees and our Board of Directors, in accordance with federal law. The BSC PAC is run by a governing board of senior employees representing each of our primary businesses and functions.

Contributions to candidates are bipartisan and based on the following criteria: sits on a Congressional committee with jurisdiction over issues affecting our business; serves in elected leadership within the Congress or in a position to shape public policy; represents a district or state with a BSC facility; voting record is supportive of key issues affecting BSC; and the character and integrity of the candidate, including the candidate’s position on issues that may impair BSC’s corporate reputation or are contrary to BSC’s Values.

This partnership with our company enables us to help elect candidates who understand the medical device industry and support policies that will promote innovation and patient access to technologies.

BSC PAC Values Letter

2022 BSC PAC Contributions

2022 State & Other Contributions

2021 PAC Contributions

2021 State & Other Contributions

2020 PAC Contributions

2020 State & Other Contributions

2019 PAC Contributions

2019 State & Other Contributions

2018 PAC Contributions

2018 State & Other Contributions

2017 PAC Contributions

2017 State & Other Contributions

Trade Association Memberships and 501(c)(4) Contributions

Boston Scientific is a member of U.S. trade associations that engage in public policy advocacy and promote U.S. business interests, the medical technology industry and patient access to health care. Additionally, from time to time, Boston Scientific may choose to contribute to 501(c)(4) organizations for the purpose of policy advocacy.
Below is a link to the listing of the trade associations to which BSC pays dues of $50,000 or more per year and the percentage of our dues attributable to advocacy efforts, as well as the 501(c)(4) organizations to which Boston Scientific makes policy advocacy contributions:

2022 Trade Association Memberships

2021 Trade Association Memberships

2020 Trade Association Memberships

2019 Trade Association Memberships

2018 Trade Association Memberships

2017 Trade Association Memberships

For additional information or if you have questions, please contact Boston Scientific's Government Affairs office at 202-637-8020.

Healthcare Reform Principles

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Supporting reform efforts that would lead to universal coverage for all Americans through a mix of private insurance and public programs that build on the strength of the existing system.

Boston Scientific Principles

Boston Scientific supports reform efforts that would lead to universal coverage for all Americans through a mix of private insurance and public programs that build on the strength of the existing system. We believe the responsibility for financing universal coverage should be shared by employers, the government, and patients.

We support value-based initiatives that incentivize greater efficiencies and improve the quality of healthcare without slowing the pace of innovation or limiting access to technologies and support a greater emphasis being placed on prevention and attaining and preserving wellness. Further, we support transparency of financial relationships between providers and industry.

Boston Scientific believes that these changes must be accompanied by individuals taking a more active and informed role in their healthcare choices, selecting the best therapeutic options at lower costs, whenever possible. We also believe that clinicians must be more informed with respect to the clinical effectiveness of various treatment options. Further, we believe that informed patients and clinicians will lead to a greater understanding on how to improve economic incentives that reduce spending and broaden availability.